Multimedia Transparent Photo-Electric LED Glass

Multimedia transparent photoelectric glass is a new type of display material that embeds the LED light source in the glass and controls the built-in LED light source through a smart signal control system to play dynamic videos and graphics. It perfectly integrates the media functions into buildings and does not destroy the design of the buildings. Meanwhile, it has high transparency, high energy efficiency and energy-saving insulation, giving the glass an unlimited value.




  • Dynamic Display – Transparent dynamic display effect, infinite splicing of super-large display screen, strong visual impact brings high advertising returns. High Transparency – The visible light transmittance is as high as more than 85%, which does not affect the normal lighting of the building and realizes a true “clear” and “transparent” visual perception.
  • Breakpoint Continual Transfer – The highly reliable breakpoint continual transfer function. The damage of one LED chip will not affect the cascade transmission of signals, making the design simpler and the performance more stable.
  • Ultra low power consumption – Low power consumption (power consumption is less than 50% of ordinary LED screen), natural heat dissipation, up to 80,000 hours lifespan.
  • Easy to install – The module integrated design makes it easy to install and maintain.


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