Asbestos-free, anti-bacterial, waterproof, resistant to hot and cold weather conditions, has no deformation, does not swell, maximizes noise insulation; produced with fibercement* technology. Thanks to the aesthetic appearance of FIBERTY, which has a ‘non-combustible structure’ certificate; the architects prefer the composition that it has. Our 25-years guaranteed proportion contribute to the excellence of your creativity in (bathrooms and kitchens), hospitals, metro and tunnels, shopping malls, residential restorations, space designs, winders and villas, etc. With a lighter and more aesthetic value, FIBERTY ores your imagination


Fibercement is a material which is used both as an interior and exterior closure mask. Fibercement Lirylin is a pimento-based, glass fibre reinforced plastic for elasticity,  and is a high density pressed-pimento particle board. It can be mould into different shapes. The surface of the material is covered with UV protection filler.

In fibre cement there is fibre reinforcement with cement, which contributes to making the fibre-cement material even stronger. Together with a carefully planned production process, fibre cement makes it possible to develop strong and long lasting construction materials. Today fibre cement is considered as a material physically suited for construction products such as cladding and roofing. It is primarily due to its function, performance and commercial value.